Buddy Program

At InterConnection Australia we believe each camp participant who attends is a very special person with individual qualities and talents that make them who they are!

In order to encourage each participant to fully get involved with the camp program and also at the KIDZ Network activities, InterConnection Australia has carefully chosen a few outstanding young adults who are too old for the camp programs and too young to become a leader, However they still display that unique enthusiasm, great sense of humour, a strong sense of responsibility and level dedication which one day will make them a great leader!

The Buddy Program is therefore the answer which keeps them involved in the Organisation…without breaking any laws!! Each "Buddy" is carefully selected according to their skills, talents and motivation levels and undertakes a leadership training course of approximately two years which involves learning about running an activity, managing a group, preparing meals and developing a good sense of judgement & communication – all the things which InterConnection Australia looks for in its leaders!

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