Message from the Executive Director

Leading and Inspiring our People as we begin to Manage our Environmental Footprint

In June 2007, I provided an update to our clients, stakeholders, volunteers and sponsors regarding the Executive Board’s plan to further position ourselves as a leading organisation that provides dynamic and innovative outdoor and recreational services to the community as we move through 2007/08.

Our dedication to those key performance indicators has not changed, but has lead the Board to review and commit further resources to subsidiary programs in order to achieve our published objectives.

At InterConnection Australia, we are committed to building an organisation where our volunteers feel valued, respected and challenged. This helps us attract and retain the best people and ensures that we maximise their talents. By leading and inspiring our volunteers, we have grown our leadership base extensively over the past three years, with additional board appointments being made to create opportunities for outstanding contributors to InterConnection and to allow InterConnection to allocate qualified volunteers to key programs.

In past years, the introduction of the Client Service Manager position lead to ICA consistently filling our camp programs with clients who were most in need of our services. This position was made vacant at the beginning of 2007 and, after an extensive review and careful consideration of a number of our volunteers for the most suitable and capable individual, it gives me great pleasure to announce Alice Wirth as ICA’s Client Service Manager. Her dedication and commitment to our values since joining the organisation has been outstanding and in the lead up to SC08, she has continued to assure us that the recruitment process will remain her number-one priority and that a high level of customer service her key focus.

The KIDZ Network program is designed to continue the enthusiasm and friendship that is synonymous with our camp programs. The series of organised events throughout the school year brings our camp leaders, buddies and clients together to participate in activities such as mini-golf, fishing clinics, movie nights, pool and snooker competitions, and ten-pin bowling. We see the development and maintenance of this network of new friends as vital to the wellbeing of our clients, and through the creation of the KIDZ Network Coordinator position at the Board level, sought to commit further resources to this subsidiary program. After careful consideration of the attributes required in undertaking this new position, Lisa Chiachiurelli, due to her dynamic, fun and active personality was appointed and will formally take up the position later this year. Lisa has been a Buddy Leader for over four years and brings with her a unique enthusiasm that will undoubtedly see the KIDZ Network program evolve and develop in the coming 12 months.

The quality administration, resource management and financial stability of InterConnection Australia is reflected in our good business performance, revenue growth, careful cost management and prudent approach to risk. Our consistent focus on our strategies, which are designed to deliver on our mission statement, has guided InterConnection Australia and created an organisation that strives for excellence. Michael Torrance, our Business Development Manager, will be aided in the management of this stream of our business by Lauren Harris, Business Administrator and Kane Gois, Business Services Coordinator – a further two new appointments, which has lead to the management team growing to 10 capable and talented individuals.

At InterConnection Australia, we have always sought to enhance the well-being and prosperity of the communities where our clients and volunteers live and work. We have sought to develop innovative programs with clear aims and real outcomes that make a lasting difference to the lives of people who we aim to serve. This commitment to the community has seen ICA begin to develop a series of processes that will enable us to manage our environmental footprint at all levels of the organisation. This reflects our commitment to reduce our environmental impact though seeking to make changes in:

•    Our vehicle and transport arrangements, including investigating a Carbon Offset Program

•    Our camp menus, through sustainable purchasing arrangements and reducing packaging

•    KIDZ Network activities

•    Our business processes

•    Recycling and encouraging environmentally friendly activities in our camp programs.

Our investment in the community will continue, as we are committed to taking the steps to maintain confidence in our programs among our clients, volunteers, stakeholders and sponsors and to continue to make InterConnection Australia an organisation that we are all proud of.

Jason Matchado

Executive Director
InterConnection Australia
October 2007