Leaders' Section:

The Leaders are all volunteers aged between 18 to 30 years. Volunteers are selected from schools, workplaces and universities throughout Victoria, as well from the general public.

All leaders undergo a comprehensive selection and training program to ensure that all leaders are prepared for the camp programs and any occurrence which may eventuate. The selection process establishes that each leader is responsible, enthusiastic and fully understands the Organisation’s values and ethos. Each leader is asked to lead by example and encourage the students to participate in a variety of activities which are designed to promote a sense of community and build a network of friendship and trust.

A key to the success of InterConnection Australia programs is the personal approach and friendships which develop between leaders and students which ensures that each participant receives a superior level of attention and care.

The role of the leader within InterConnection Australia is not confined to merely the camp program but rather is one which develops with on-going training and social activities aimed at ensuring that a strong professional relationship is established with the organisation and each individual volunteer.

We invite you to read the InterConnection Australia Volunteer’s Policy, then download and complete an Application Form or email us at info@interconnection.com.au