Linking Adventure & Achievement – ICA's Camp Programs

Since 2003, the Summer & Winter Camp programs offered by InterConnnection Australia have delivered a sense of personal achievement for our clients through their participation in our dynamic and energetic activity-based camps.

The aim of InterConnection Australia is to provide young adults with the opportunity to build self confidence, make new friends, develop new skills and have fun though participation in sporting and outdoor recreational activities whilst striving for excellence in all areas.

With our vision of "Best People…Best Camps" InterConnection promotes our core values of:

• Acceptance •  Respect • Enthusiasm
•  Support •  Cooperation • Friendship

In doing, we seek to promote tolerance, teamwork, understanding and a sense of community amongst young people.

At the conclusion of our camps we aim to ensure that each participant has been able to:

•     Build on their knowledge and skills
•     Begin to develop a sense of passion and commitment to achieving their goals
•     Realise how important it is to be an active and positive member of the wider community.

Our clients are aged between 12-16 years old and come from a wide and diverse range of back grounds.  Each participant in an ICA camp program commits to:

•   Embracing the intellectual and physical challenges offered by the program
•   Being exposed to new experiences and adventures
•   Sharing their ideas
•   Listening and  developing an appreciation for others
•   Expanding their network of friends

The ICA Camp Programs are held over a four-day period at different Victorian locations and are staffed by a group of dedicated and skilled volunteer leaders who are committed to the values and objectives of the organisation.

Our activity-based program is driven by our "Survivor Challenge" which sees our small activity groups encouraged to develop a strong sense of friendship and team work as they compete for the ultimate glory of winning the four-day long competition.  Each group leader and buddy leader work tirelessly with their four clients to ensure that their group is given every opportunity to win whilst learning the importance of fair competition.

Our leaders have accepted the opportunities and challenges provided by ICA and have demonstrated the necessary leadership skills to perform this demanding role, either as a Group Leader or Activity Coordinator. They understand the importance of encouragement, communication, positive thinking and the need to make good decisions which assist in building a winning team – one that draws on every ones skills, backgrounds and talents.

An InterConnection camp program recognises that each individual client is a special person with unique qualities and we constantly try and discover and highlight these over the four days, whether it is during a mountain bike ride, kayaking up a river, setting up a tent, preparing a meal, sitting around a fire, singing karaoke or casting out a line.

An ICA camp fuels the enthusiasm of our clients and makes them feel empowered by providing them with the opportunities they need to become the best they can be whilst developing skills which they can use in their studies, career, relationships and lives in general.

By encouraging our clients to develop goals, InterConnection believes that self belief and achievement will lead to a high level of self-esteem, leadership and excellence in every thing a young person puts their mind to.

Our quality assurance program provides the Executive Board with a process of continual review and renewal by participants, buddy leaders, leaders and activity coordinators.  This ensures that everyone who is involved with an InterConnection camp program receives an experience that is constantly evolving, that is creative and exciting and yet preserves the fundamental values of the organisation – the same ones which make us one of the leading organisations for youth in Australia.

Finally, an InterConnection Camp is fun. All those involved are encouraged to have a laugh and enjoy every single moment of the experience.

To find out more information about InterConnection Australia's camp programs please contact:

Anna Sigurjonsson
InterConnection Australia
PO Box 3186
Murrumbeena VIC 3163
Ph: 0428 888 815