Vision Statement

InterConnection Australia aims to gain a reputation in the community for developing and delivering an innovative, adventurous, yet caring approach to youth affairs and personal development in young adults. InterConnection Australia’s services and programs are designed to achieve our goals and objectives of linking Fun, Adventure, Achievement and Leadership.

In pursuit of our goal, we resolve to treat volunteers, stakeholders, clients, their parents and the community with dignity and respect. At InterConnection Australia we believe that our vision of "Best People....Best Camps" enables us to recruit and train highly talented and dedicated individuals in order to provide a high quality of service for our clients, their parents and external sponsors and stakeholders

InterConnection Australia was founded in May 2003 by a group of dedicated individuals who developed a unique and innovative camp holiday program designed to give Australian youth the opportunity to have a vacation but also learn new skills, make new friends and develop self respect and confidence in their ability to achieve their goals whether it is at school or work, on the sporting field or at home.

Whilst young in age, InterConnection Australia has an Executive Board with collective experience of over 20 years in the Outdoor Education and Recreation industry and specifically in providing quality youth programs in a unique Australian outdoor environment. Their dedication and commitment to the Organisation’s mission statement and more importantly the clients and their carers, ensures that InterConnection Australia becomes a reputable Australian charity within the wider community